No one stacks buffs and de-buffs as well as the Protectorate, and their powerful support spells and abilities can make even the humblest fanatic strikingly effective - so long as you can keep your support units alive.
The opposite of the Brute faction lots of nasty special abilities, but poor base stats and/or relatively high unit costs.
If you can get your opponent to spring one of your traps, you will likely win.Gliders can be called in to deploy squads of elite Commandos and even a light tank, the Tetrarch, anywhere on the map, who can then be made to strike at enemy buildings, capture points, ambush enemy units, or support advances by your regular forces.The objective stays the same but the map layout differs.Bons Chevaliers/Royame de Merevangi : Elitist.This support doctrine grants the British 25-Pounder howitzer defensive structure a number of new abilities, turning your 25-Pounder howitzers into some of the most powerful units on the field, and also grants the British their only mobile artillery piece, the M7 Priest.However, this was not working, largely because their Ruler lotto bad fallingbostel was an idiot and his Chief Warlords incompetent.
If you're interested in learning more about that, see this interview I did with chickendippers of cncworld.

Sparta: Elitist, using powerful (but expensive) hoplites to pull its weight.They have area-of-effect buffs, experienced units get auras that raise their companions' stats, some of their units can be trained in more than one kind of building, and barracks can be upgraded to build two units simultaneously.All of the videos are shown when the player either starts playing through the operational theatre from the beginning or when all the missions of the theatre are accomplished.Adeptus Mechanicus - Elitist/Brute: Gameplay wise, Mechanicum models are universally hard as nails.Primary Money Sinks: Real world stuff.The pride of the Forgotten, the Longhorn (by poke a mongo Andy Littleton) The EMP Mortar Tower (by Tsumetai) The Tacitus Library, where the secrets of The Forgotten are kept (by Kane Nash) A Forgotten outpost, with defended Power Stations (by Tsumetai, paimail, and Kane Nash) A Forgotten.Their units are cheap and explode on death, they can cannibalize the dead to make up for their poor farming skills and sacrifice citizens to please their gods.New Infantry Trailer for C C 3: The Forgotten Posted by: Blbpaws on 5/10/09 At long last, we have another trailer to show you guys.Mechanoid faction has three units, and they distinctly have advantages and weaknesses.
Humans - Generalist/Elitist, and a huge Pariah (due to having almost no anti-air defense prior to being split into two in WBC3.