I was impressed by the games engine and the 2D character art style.
Mega Adventure executes everything its trying to achieve so well.
Most of the fakemon in Uranium are really cool, and I actually like them more than some of the official Pokemon from the later generations.
Phoenix Rising takes place in the Hawthorne region, and the story is based on good vs evil.Phoenix Risings first episode only provides about 10 hours of gameplay, but more episodes are the way.Pokemon Uranium is still one of the best fan games ever made, and should be at the top of your playlist!These games have a lot of other nice features like secret bases, mega evolutions, shadow Pokemon and more. One is dressed in all black with a serious look on his face, and has three white stripes in his hair.The 3D 3rd person and 1st person perspective Pokemon 3D offers reminds me of Minecraft.Mega Adventure is a straightforward fan game with a traditional Pokemon like experience.Uranium has been downloaded over 2 million times.If you know of any other great Pokemon fan games that I failed to mention, please let everyone know about them in the comments section.
The story is quite good and the battle system is really balanced.
Gameplay Video Pokemon Sage Created By: 4Chan members More Information Download Pokemon Sage is another amazing fan game in development thats worth mentioning.

Gameplay Video, pokemon Uranium *Editors Pick.So I accidentally missed the event from the woman with the broken leg in Chrysolia Forest/Spinel Town and I've beaten Noel, the Normal leader.You will poker spa calendrier play as a young kid on a quest to become a champion in the Akito region. One is a very muscular man wearing a blue jacket with some armor, and a hat that covers his eyes.Gameplay Video Pokemon Ethereal Gates Created By: The Perihelion Productions Team More Information Download Pokemon Ethereal Gates is unfinished but already feels like a nearly completed game.Gameplay Video, pokemon Zeta/Omicron *Editors Pick.Mirrormine 0 0 Influence Map StarLe 2 2 Pokemon Reborn's alternate shiny oshawott Pokefox2004 2 1 Chibi Cal Piloswineseyes 1 0 Just the begging WIP haosama 12 20 berlitz sky box phantomdare1 2 1 Cain Ekans sketch Piloswineseyes 0 0 TBoNTB prologue pg 2 animatedrose.Fight against Terrorist organizations such as Team Asgard led by Odin (Zeta) or Team Olympus led by Zeus (Omicron).Its basically those games but in full.