slot games machine glitch borderlands 2

Quit game from PS3 system menu.
You also do not need to worry about getting to higher ground when the lava rises since the lava can't reach you.
I was talking to my friend in Discord the entire time and was asking if he had any mods or anything installed to which he said he didn't, it was a spielgemeinschaft lotto 10 fresh install on a brand new computer, so it couldn't possibly have anything.
2018 All Rights Reserved.Again perfectly normal stuff, we were so relieved to have things back to normal and we went about our business and did some side missions finally.This gives 166 Badass Ranks.Arctic Explorer Discovered all named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, and Frostburn Canyon.Repeat as desired, and delete the pile of unwanted characters when you're done.Silver, always Improving Reached level 25, capped OutFor Now Reached level.Both me and my friend have thousands of hours on the game and have never seen this happen.Repeat as desired (for faster duplication, transfer all copies of the item to player one, save-and-quit with both, and start over with the duplicates on player 1).So the images are rolling and i got eridium on the first machine, cool, i can get a shotgun ammo upgrade.I don't even know how to install mods with Borderlands so i know i definitely didn't have anything.Treasure Hunter (Gold) - Completed the mission "X Marks the Spot".Gunzerked continuously for 90 seconds Cute Loot Killed a Chubby Tribute To A Vault Hunter Got an item from Michael Mamaril Definitely An Italian Plumber Killed Donkey Mong High-Flying Hurler Killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon Token Gesture Redeemed 25 tokens Unseen.

Much to our relief, we saw 7, 7, bell, and triple cherries on the machines.Eridium Jackpot on both machines.Place the desired item(s) on a character, and ready or create a second character to take on as many of the item as you wish.Gadabout (Bronze) - Discovered all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate's Booty areas.If you set the controller configuration to something where you can just keep tapping the melee-attack button without ruining your aim at the other player, you can finish a duel-run like this in roughly 10 minutes.Last night i was playing with a friend of mine on brand new characters and made it to Sanctuary, did things as you normally would, deal with scooter, collect up all the side quests, get a couple eridium upgrades.Trophies, trophies: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC.

We roll the slot machines again and hope for the best, we got the normal eridium again, success right?