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Amazingly with all the casino bande annonce vf torture in the film, there is one 30-second long hot iron scene that someone felt the need to cut from some prints, including the widely-seen subtitled print from Video Search of Miami.
Lots of smoke and good reactions by the 2 victims.The next girl is selected, and they remove her manacles, bend her over a table and she's noisily branded on her buttock.It's the dialogue, and the painful reactions of the victim, that give this film its strength.Purists might argue that this is more a smoldering-wooden-torch scene than something involving hot irons, but it's close enough for.A good argument for film preservation.Video spielauftragsnummer lotto nrw link Inquisitor, The (1975) (aka El inquisidor ) This Argentine-Peruvian co-production is full of nudity, bondage, rack scenes and burnings at the stake.

But who cares, there's lots of smoke, screaming and maniacal dubbed-in evil laughing by the villain and this one is impossible not to like.One of them uses a flaming brand to burn a cryptic array of letters into the sole of her foot.Return of a Man Called Horse, The (1976) In this Richard Harris western, there's a quick scene where a trapper is about to brand an Indian woman.Denzel stops things by breaking a window and shooting at them before they can burn her.Peron Vote in 1946 Argentina (Description).Angelique and the Sultan (1968 at the conclusion of one of the greatest whipping mainstream scenes in history, Angelique (Michele Mercier) is hanging limply in her bonds after being savagely whipped.Video link SS Camp 5: Women's Hell (1977) Among the more brutal of the Nazi exploitation films, this one delivers a centerpiece scene in which no less than four naked beauties are tortured to death.He rips off her blouse, revealing a tattoo signifying her to be a member of the Ali Baba's Forty Thieves.Video link BTW, it's come to my attention that the DVD print currently being distributed by Something Weird Video has been edited.

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