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I dont know if the engine dropped while I was slowing down stopped or audi A4 B5 Doc depalmas misfire thread Sorry I keep making new threads for the same issue.
Audi A3 A3 Misfire Camshaft follower Catalytic Converter.
I enjoy the luxury feel good about the wows and the silent oh he has an audi from every one around.
CEL Codes please help Ive been having an idle problem with my 2001 audi.8 Quattro.That oil ileak is the problem.So I replaced my cam chain tensioner yesterday and now when I start the car it sets of the check engine light.65K does seem early regardless anda failure due to wire harness clips would certainly seem to be a warranty issue.Currently stage 1 with a k04 which is nice but would really like to achieve.Any advice is appreciated.All was going well until I got to removing the exhaust valve cam followers.I have cleaned MAF cleaned and readapted throttle plate checked all vacuum lines.Spijun on 0515 PM said Read the end of the text Full details are available in the attached press release.Hey guys I was going to start replacing my valve cover gasket and asked a local expert audi mechanic friend about any advice and he suggested that I replace the cam adjuster seal as well.Any online roulett verdoppeln suggestions What are the chances of screwing it up yourave MAN more pictures to follow Dismantling best casino slot games on iphone and assembling enginealign Removing and installing toothed beltalign Special tools and workshop equipment required Pin wrench 3212 Pin wrench 3387 Locking pin T40011 Fixing screw T40026 Socket T40028.
Will try to focus them all here for a while.

Swapped my coils and plugs and everything was good for a month or two.I have heard there is a place the will refurbish all 4 injectors for 100 - you UPS it to them.Ive got one of the weirdest stalling issues (its not a t) that hopefully someone has some insight.I have around 127psi on all cylinders for compression and new spark plugs.This coincided with the end of my complimentary dealer maintenance so I took the car to my independent mechanic.If you do not know go to autozone and have them scan the car for codes for free.
Have you done the timing belt yet It may be possible the timing belt may have become loose and jumped a audi Need advice on buying a B6 2004 or 2005 S4 I need help on your commentsrecommendations.
Actually I can do it in an hour and Im not a mechanic.

Audi A6 C5 2003.0L Camshaft Questions.