Soraka is probably the easiest support on this list, so if youre just looking for a support to learn for when you get autofilled, this is the one.
If your champion is strong at roaming and has CC or high amounts of damage then you will find roaming much easier than champions who dont.Pyke also has the fun element of being able to roam as a support player more easily thanks to his Ghostwater Dive ability.Sure, there are a number of supports that serve as healers, but there are others that bring crowd control, shields, engagement tools and disruption skills that are all extremely useful for the team.Her ultimate makes her extremely useful in teamfights, boasting a potential five man stun if she plays her cards right.Practically anyone you build tank on is good for siege comps.Both her Q ability, Aqua Prison, and her ultimate give Nami some very powerful engage tools in the laning phase and much later into the game too.At five stacks your next auto attack will deliver a one second stun to the target.This ability creates a number of walls around online casino news deutschland Thresh that damage and slow any enemies that hit them, making it dsl vertrag mit prämie 2017 perfect for setting up kills for your teammates.Be cautious you dont overdo it and drain your mana too quickly, though.
Lastly, her ultimate has huge potential in teamfights.
And lastly, what does the general meta look like?

Shen is an honorable mention to this as well.Lulu, image via Riot Games, lulu is a solid pick in any meta, mostly because of her wide variety of tools for peeling and poking.His weakness is high damage supports that can harass him away, so if you find yourself against a Zyra as Thresh, get your juking boots on and get ready to catch her when she goes out of position to land spells on you.Rakan is the current jack-of-all-trades for supports and a great all-around pick regardless of his laning partner.Soraka has been dubbed the no fun support, because, honestly, theres nothing very fun about her kit.This is an interesting tier because champions at this level arent exactly strong in the meta, but if you can learn how to play them well, you can still make them work to carry games.If you are in range of their abilities or auto attacks then you are standing far too close and you need to play differently.Image via Riot Games, rakan is currently one of the best play-makers in the game, and thats mainly because he can also fill the role of healing and shielding support if he has.
Hes currently one of the safest support picks in the game at the moment.
Well, lotto baunatal ratio his crowd control can be used both as an aggressive tool and to save his allies, if he wants, and its not difficult at all to decide when to use them.

Threshs biggest playmaking skill is his Q, Death Sentence.