From, cambridge English Corpus, but she might have poked her umbrella, or thrown her heavy handbag, through a window and gewinn lotto vollsystem 011 said that she did it justifiably.
Verb uk /pk/ us /pok/ present participle poking, past tense and past participle poked to quickly push your finger or other pointed object into someone or something hincar (el dedo o algo puntiagudo).From, cambridge English Corpus, because they were so busy trying to fill the holes the government had poked in the safety net, unions had little time left to make wage demands.From, cambridge English Corpus, neither the older people nor the students liked advertisements that ridiculed or poked fun at older people, or presented them as being out of touch with reality and unattractive.From the Hansard archive I believe that is an invitation to empire building and poking of noses.A PIG ioke meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Examples, examples of poke, these examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.From the, hansard archive, a very odd thing about politicians is that we love poking into other people's business.My Dictionary, create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!Nell kept poking me in the arm.From the, hansard archive, all kinds of gibes could no doubt be poked.It is no use poking fun at management and saying that that is not what is needed.From, cambridge English Corpus, if you love and marriage isn't on or isn't easy sooner or later you get round to poking, to put it crudely.From, cambridge English Corpus, three stereotypes stood out in this group because they poked fun at older people.From wenn ich im lotto gewinnen würde lustig the Hansard archive I recall being upbraided some years ago by an older councillor who accused me of poking my nose into matter which should not worry.
From the Hansard archive I do not want to see trained technical people coming into industry and being poked into offices.
From, cambridge English Corpus, the omission reflects the hubris of the academic wordsmiths who shaped it : in their scholarly world of tongues poked out at reality, describing is perceived as the same as controlling.

From, cambridge English Corpus, the stereotypes in question ridiculed and poked fun at older people, or presented them as being out of touch and unattractive.
Some of these examples may show the adjective use.