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Theyve even broke the präventionsschulung spielhalle poke down into two short videos highlighting both the upstream and downstream perry poke, and we just felt responsible to share them with you.
One is a high slowish rising lift tilted out over the river, body and wrist turn dropping the rod low behind and then an arch 180 degrees forward dropping the line in squiggles aligned with the target direction.
Perry Poke, for Perry Poke type casts I like to start with the fly well in front (and slightly off to the side) especially when Im backed up against the brush.This is where in particularly adverse wind one would do a double Spey first line placing move as normal, then on the sweep forming the D loop slow down and ease off on power as you reach the key position and poke the line out.Note: If youre viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to see the video on our website.Spey Casting Technique: Skagit Wrap Cast.If you are just beginning I cant stress enough the importance of an easy to cast sink tip and fly set up with the use of a high relaxed high sweep in a cast like a double spey to give you plenty of time.
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Here's a short video from Trevor Covich explaining how to make a downstream Perry Poke cast.

Overall there are two separate parts to the cast with an initial line placing stage then a separate D loop forming and forward cast stage.It is a very useful cast indeed especially for fishing zusatzgewinn lotto 6 aus 45 in confined space where there is not much room behind or for fishing off a low wall or walkway. If the fly and sink tip sink too deep during the sweep you will have to pry it out of the water with excessive force when you cast.The Perry Poke, another American originated replacement for a single Spey cast.Casting with Half of a 5 Weight.A wrap cast is almost a combo of a poke and a Skagit double spey, an out and around sweep is mandatory.I sweep to the side to begin the peel as soon as possible but with a little less out and around action and a little more back and forth movement with a tidy u-turn from sweep to forward cast in a rhythmic, more or less.We get a lot of people asking if our lines will work for their rods.
Sometimes a continuous move is made into the final delivery sometimes a slight pause may be used, depends on the situation, line length and power / tempo used.

How to Do The Upstream Perry Poke Cast Steelhead guide and casting instructor Trevor Covich offers some pointers on how to make an effective upstream Perry Poke Skagit.
Dont set your anchor too close or you may end up embedding a jumbo critter in your skull.
How to Do the Downstream Poke.