Try relying on your friends for support when you dont have a character you need for a Tandem attack.
Characters who manipulate blank slots specifically with.
Characters youve never recruited before will be displayed as question marks.Relationships between character types.This could be changing weak orbs to matching orbs, it could change neighboring slots to matching.Slot Swap but don't change the color of any orbs.Type diagram is displayed in the top left of the Battle Screen.

PSY and INT exist in mutual opposition, and have no special effect against the other types.If you dont have all the right characters in your crew, the numbers will not appear and tapping will result in a normal attack.Three-character tandem attack, Tornado Tabasco Pound Phoenix.They must be able to specifically change block slots to be added to this category as well.Trending pages, all items (65).Characters slots reset at random at the beginning of your turn.
By the same token, when the opposing type is displayed in a characters slot, their attack power will be cut in half.
Trending pages, all items (79).

That ability specifically changes to the character's own slot.
This character is also a member of, but not to be confused with, Slot Change where a character changes all orbs on a team.
PSY, strong against INT (2x Attack Power).