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Play the Norway lottery and bring home bing cinm a fortune of a lifetime!Eurojackpot, Bonus: 9 10 (Nov 2 draw) 90,000,000 (Nov 9 draw buy, vikinglotto, Vikingnumero: 8 (Nov 7 draw) 3,000,000 (Nov 14 draw buy.Max 5 numbers from latest draws.Distinct last digits min max First digit 0 min max First digit 1 min max First digit 2 min max First digit 3 min max Last digit 0 min max Last digit 1 min max Last digit 2 min max Last digit 3 min max.So next time youre in Norway.Norway Lottery Games, being the worlds very first multi-national lottery, the.Max 6 numbers from latest draws.The Joker, which began in May 2000, has held a record jackpot of a whopping NKr.9 million won by a lucky woman from Buskerud in 2004.Max 3 numbers from latest draws.Strings, settings Help string min max Frequency Delay Settings Help # N Frequency User input first last min max # N Delay User input first last min max First / Last Digit Settings Help.

So there are a lot of new things to digest for avid lottery fans).Max 4 numbers from latest draws.Various Other Norway Lottery Games, apart from the Viking Lotto and the EuroJackpot, theres Lotto, a game offered by the Norway lottery that is drawn every Saturday.When in Norway, do as the Norwegians do?Then we have the Joker, a game offered by the Norway lottery that can only be played in conjunction with the Viking Lotto or the Lotto.Then theres Keno, a popular game launched by the Norway lottery in 2007, and the draws take place everyday with results being displayed on the Norway lottery website.If there are rollovers, a lucky winner or winners get a chance to take home a staggering amount of 90 million!The surprising fact is that Norway lottery games can be played, not only in Norway, but also throughout Scandinavia and Europe!When it comes to the.EuroJackpot, the multi-national European lottery, which was launched on the 23rd of March 2012, it is considered a great addition to the Norway lottery program.The EuroJackpot draws take place once a week every Friday evening and jackpots usually amount to a whopping 10 million!
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Apart from the games mentioned above, the Norway lottery offers a variety of other games that include football wagering, league and international, hockey, handball and Olympics wagering and bingo!
The Lotto started in 1986 and the first draw took place on the 19th of April 1986.