Dynamic Image Utility.0 Image Express Utility.0 Viewer PPT Converter.0 Desktop Control Utility.0 "Desktop Control Utility.0" is software that operates the desktop screen of a personal computer at a remote location from the projector by using a network.
Impressive Visualization poker online spielen legal no parallax issues with zero airgap ZG technology, pixel-free and colourfast details in Ultra-High Resolution thanks to the NEC SpectraView colour engine.Skylake - a simple plug into the future.Does not support Windows power-saving function.Tailor-made solution - extensive user configurations with a variety of processors, solid state drives, RAM and operating systems as well as W-LAN, TPM and.75 connectivity.Movie streaming Movie files on your computer can be transferred to the projector via the network and played on the projector.It doesnot run on Mac OS (PowerPC).The improvement in Firmware Ver.1.04, added compatibility for Option Lens NP43ZL.Geometric Correction Tool "The Geometric Correction Tool " corrects geometrical distortion of an image projected onto a special shaped screen such as a cylindrical screen, and a spherical screen from the projector.The connection spielhalle könig of personal computers and projectors by means of a network environment 2) or connection with USB cable 3) or serial cable allows the following uses.The variety of interchangeable Slot-In option products allows for tailor-made solutions that are perfectly matched to individual demands.The 6th generation Intel processors (Skylake) deliver a new class of computing to power the next generation of slot-in computing.NP-UM352W Update Software This software will update your firmware with the following features.
Update Software, this software will update your firmware with the following features.

New features in Ver.1.06 Supported optional USB memory (NP01MD).New features in Ver.1.09 Improvement of connection capability by Wireless LAN.ÜRÜnler dokunmatk ekranlar NEC MultiSync X651UHD-2 IGT (InGlass Touch).The following projector operations are possible from the personal computer: Power on / off Input signal switching Muting (temporarily disabling audio / video) Freezing (locking the projected image) Operating Remote Control The logo image transmission Note Logo image transmission and computer cable connection are not.NEC's original compression algorithm allows high-quality images to be sent over the networkat high speed, from your personal computer to the projector.Slot-In Options make digital signage simpler and more flexible without lotto zahlen mittwoch zwei richtige additional cables or devices).By saving the created slides on a flash memory card 1) and inserting the card into the PC Card slot of the projector, the slides can be projected to the screen without connecting a personal computer.
New features in Version.02.

Image Express Utility 2 for Mac OS (Intel) "Image Express Utility 2 for Mac OS" is a software program to send images on the computer intoshscreen to a projector via wireless/wired LAN to project them on the screen.