L5R is marketed through base sets and expansion sets.
Base sets are typically composed primarily of reprinted cards from prior sets with a smaller number of new cards.
Set Release date Featured Factions Size Border Notes Jade Edition 5/1998 Brotherhood, Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Naga, Phoenix, Scorpion, Shadowlands, Toturi's Army, Unicorn, Yoritomo's Alliance 330 Green waves Fourth base set.Enemy of My Enemy 4/2005 Crab, Dragon, Ratling 156 EoME Cards also had Lotus bug.These bugs are shown next to each arc's title.First expansion to include foil rares since The Heaven's Will.Spirit Wars 11/2000 Lion, Phoenix, Spirit 197 Thick red diagonal lines Released as Spirit Wars but renamed due to copyright challenge.Change this in the top menu.4 A Line in the Sand 09/28/ ALitS The New Order - 156 TNO The Currency of War Crane, Mantis 57 TCW "Learn to Play" set Twenty Festivals 03/27/2015 Same as Ivory Edition 372 20F Fifteenth base set.Shadowlands 5/1996, naga, Scorpion 155 Purple Green swirls Forbidden Knowledge 8/ Rust-colored swirls Introduced Region card type and Ritual spells.The Harbinger 1/2010 Dragon, Mantis, Phoenix 176 TH Celestial Edition 15 spdif out slotblech 3/2010 Same as Celestial Edition 154 CE 15 Twelfth base set.Free "Learn to Play" set.Factory set includes all cards (including Emperor-legal only) except nine Premium rarity Personalities.
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The Hidden Emperor, Episode 2 7/1998 Dragon 52 Wood grain The Hidden Emperor, Episode 3 8/1998 Monk 52 Wood grain The Hidden Emperor, Episode 4 9/1998 Unicorn 52 Wood grain The Hidden Emperor, Episode 5 10/1998 Mantis 52 Wood grain The Hidden Emperor, Episode.

Winds of Change 8/2003 Crab, Mantis, Ratling 155 WoC Cards also had Diamond bug.Version: Finden Sie das beste Angebot für das Spiel Legend of the Five Rings: Das Kartenspiel.Included "Celestial Swords" for each clan.Promotional Cards Various - 92 Various Race for the Throne - "Samurai" edit The Ratling faction was removed, and the Shadowlands faction became the Spider Clan, although not all Shadowlands cards transitioned.Introduces Clock and Territory card types, which are only relevant to the Siege format.Newly printed cards were now marked alle lotto kombinationen anzeigen with a "Jade bug".Summe:.89, ja, zum Shop, weitere Angebote!
Expansion sets (which are smaller than base sets) are composed entirely of new cards.
Promotional Cards Various - 126 Various Age of Enlightenment - "Lotus" edit Set Release date Featured Factions Size Code Notes Lotus Edition 10/2005 Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Mantis, Phoenix, Ratling, Scorpion, Shadowlands, Unicorn 500 LE Eighth base set.

Storms Over Matsu Palace 6/2000 Lion, Unicorn 55 Purple-red "Learn to Play" set.
This brought the total faction count to 9, establishing the factions that have been in play since.