'It's The New Thing la la la la la." - "We'll do 'Futures And Pasts' now?
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The Fall were roulette bot pro review never about the lyrics, is is near damn heresy in Fallintellectualcircles (sic they are and always will be the supreme garage band.
There are two more versions of 'Chilinism' on the re-release (from the single, I think) but they aren't worth hearing, and are only slightly different.Any Fall fan must surely love this.killer NUN - A 'nunsploitation' classic from the late '70s.I mean, they found it appropriate to fakar crash right when her narration ended!?Thanks to Mark Evanier's blog, I learned that there's a way to shut off this message (which boils down to "I feel low on yellow, and so I will refuse to print black!(Kevin.) The sheer ire-inspiring pettiness of including the melody to "i come and stand at your door" twice in two distinct tracks is almost enough to reduce this release to the ranks of near misses.Distinguishes itself by having the psychiatrist protagonist stalked not only by a mistakenly-released homicidal maniac, but also by her own scandal-fearing employer!Having ever written "Edinburgh Man" But then again, what's a live Fall CD without mistakes?The songs on The Wonderful and Frightening World were probably catchier, but this album has better riffs and less filler material.Not that all other music in the genre is bad, but most of it is made obsolete by this record (among some other things).Leave a guy be with his shitty movies!In November, they sent me an email saying: suspension notice Per your subscription order we have been mailing copies of The Nation for at least 8 weeks.I love how the music cuts and MES just says "What's the lay of the land, my son?" and the heavy guitars just kick in right behind him, and when that cool little harmonic scrapy guitar thing comes.And in the latter case, you keep coming back for more.(Matt Holland) "4 1/2 Inch" is the most brilliant, chaotic, powerful, disturbed and (I think) accomplished Fall song I've ever heard.

This changes the feel of the album and not in a positive way.The cover of Johnny Paycheck's "Old White Train" is strong and wonderful.Maybe its my record player but there seems to be very little guitar on this album, (which isn't too bad a deal actually.) Finally, this has to have one of the worst Fall covers.Mix on medium speed to combine, about 15 seconds.My theory is that the band missed Karl Burns badly.Ahem.'extra copy and I'll set your ass right on up-ass.Smith announcing "We are The Fall!" but its three generic Rolling Stones choogle-chords wear ass-way thin over the course of a never-changing under-ending SIX analf minutes (and TWO different recordings!).Like a good blues workout, it leaves you hungry for more, and this masterful use of tension and restraint is part of what makes Punkcast 2004: Live At The Knitting Factory-New York-o beguiling.
Chunky guitars and cymbal-snare bashing abound, and the production (aside from track one) is wonderfully brusque and true, highlighting the honest skrank, doob and pish of the in-studio live band performance.

9/10 (Ian Galley) Sorry, but this mid/late eighties material just doesn't tickle.