kinder surprise lotto boyz lyrics

Dude, I got a, kinder surprise last night and it was delicious.
Kinder Surprise sex, the act where you a girl would clean her anus in preparation for oral butt sex, and while cleaning her anus, fills it with nutella.I don't even need to park my whip.Baby, I just want some knowledge.Hook: Ash, haribo, spilled the Skittles by my car keys.She want me lowkey, it's bait.We burst stars in my army.

So she tryna give me Smarties.#anal #eat #ass #chocolate #booty #nutella #butthole #buttella #anus by #freeuab, january 20, 2015.Verse 1: Lucas, baby, baby, I'm a rockstar, you can tell just by my posture.Different Rollie, different time zone, holy moly, that's another Rollie, i'll kill a show and catch a flight home.Keep your Curly Wurly from me 'Cause I got caramel inside, and she beggin' for a Mars please.Whip it to the side, my Kinder Surprise Whip it to the side, my Kinder Surprise Hook: Ash Haribo Spilled the Skittles by my car keys Baby, I just want some knowledge So she tryna give me Smarties eifel casino kaisersesch telefonnummer Catching flights out to Malta I just.Da na na na.One night away, she fell in love with my space.
Now she want stay at my place.

Dripping in sauce, better ketchup All on my exes they fed up They think that they can do better Put my new girl in her sweater Bon appetite Babe, you look sweet Ay caramba, mi amore What you doing to me?
Hold up, wait, shawty said she wanna date, took her Gauchos for a steak.