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Some videos in you tube and gilbert konzert casino innsbruck some articles in google support that in Pokemon Sun and Moon a Pokemon's hidden ability has a small chance to be found in SOS battles.
Now you have a Ditto that is a Klefki with the stats of a LVL1 Pokémon, only knows Recycle and it has a Leppa berry.
Def t f, spd #010, caterpie, run Away, sOS Battles : Route 1, Route 5, Lush Jungle, Melemele Meadow #012, butterfree, tinted Lens.And youre only attacking move is Poison type so there is no chance to accidentally kill the original Ditto since it is a Klefki and Klefki is immune to Poison type moves.You can chain infinitely with this setup with no risk at all.Please log in or register to answer this question.Type, ability, base Stats, method, hP, att.Use an Adrenaline Orb and max out your speed by using Rock Polish 3 times.Most notably, the method to get Hidden Abilities is unique.This is perfect as it can never kill itself and or hurt you.Switch to Garbodor and use Substitute this will prevent new Dittos from transforming even if they have Imposter.As soon as you encounter a Ditto, send out the level one Klefki and let Ditto transform, then switch to Hypno and use Switcheroo to give it the Leppa berry.answered, jun 19, 2017 by,.G.47 no problem bud please log in or register to add a comment.

Requirements for this chaining method: Garbodor, holding a Leppa Berry, with Recycle, Substitute, Rock Polish and any Poison type attacking move.Mime SOS Battle usum, Pokémon Bank Soundproof Filter Technician 123 Scyther SOS Battle, Pokémon Bank Swarm Technician Steadfast 212 Scizor Evolve, Pokémon Bank Swarm Technician Light Metal 238 Smoochum SOS Battle usum, Pokémon Bank Oblivious Forewarn Hydration 124 Jynx SOS Battle usum, Pokémon Bank Oblivious.Pokémon, method of obtaining, ability 1, ability.Battle Chains each have a small chance of having their Hidden Ability as the chain progresses.SOS Battles : Route 5, Lush Jungle, Melemele Meadow #019 Rattata Thick Fat SOS Battles : Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, Route 6, Route 8, Hau'oli City, Kala'e Bay, Verdant Cavern #020 Raticate Thick Fat SOS Battles : Route 10, Route.I would like to know if that is true, and if yes then is this hidden ability immediately useful or I have to unlock it somehow?Asked, jun 19, 2017 by, saiyan, please log in or register to add a comment.Afterwards switch to your False Swipe Pokémon and bring the Ditto to 1HP.You should outspeed all of the new Dittos and now you are free to chain for as long as you want since you have a Leppa berry and Recycle.Pokémon Bank, overgrow, chlorophyll 003, venusaur, pokémon Bank, overgrow, chlorophyll 004, charmander, pokémon Bank, blaze, solar Power 005, charmeleon.
And as for your second question, you don't need to unlock it or anything; as soon as you catch a Pokemon with it's HA you will have yourself the Pokemon just like you would have any other Pokemon with its normal ability.
Hidden 001, bulbasaur, pokémon Bank, overgrow, chlorophyll 002, ivysaur.