Parson CEM Burns on face and arms.
Navsource, web Site and Pat Perrella, USS Slater DE 766 Volunteer Curator from photos donated to the museum collection by John.
She was approximately one and a half miles from the beach end of the depot.
Tugs dragged these craft out best casino bonuses australia of the dangers zone.Reed, Fireman First Class from the.Machinists Mate, 3/c, Frank Iezzi, 25, of Philadelphia, joined three other shipmates, Richard Pegler,.E.Tomorrow was to have been payday for the crew and he was to have distributed, roughly, 6,000 to the men.Lobo joined the Solar in Norfolk, Virginia.The petty officers mess is directly over the hold that was demolished.Photos courtesy of the National Archives,.28 September 2002 I must point out some errors in the information provided for the USS solar (DE 221).Victor Francis Sousa GM 3/C, ernest.La-la-la-la-la (neon imi heart b-b-b-beat majimak nameun sungankkaji naege matgige doel kkeoya neon dalkomhan neoye Russian Roulette itorok gipeun kkumi neon cheoeumilkkeol nae mami i bami areungeorineun Game.These included a Navy barge, which stood, empty, on the western end of the pier, opposite the Solars original position, a trestle about 200 yards west of the Solar, and two Navy vans, or ammunition trailers.Brooksmith Lt (jg) Burns and lacerations on face and arms.

Orab, Ohio, credited a quirk of circumstance with saving his life as well as those of all other chief petty officers.Sly Broken leg in two places.Mitchell, ET1, USS brister DER-327.BOW like elephant'S trunk, the Solar lay at the northern or bay end, of the easternmost of the three great piers that jut out from the Navys Earle Ammunition Depot, when she blew.Curiously, not all the ammunition on the Solar exploded.On hour after the explosion two truckloads of food were sent over the eight-mile route to the depot.The thing just went off, he said.The bulk of the crew of the Solar are ready to be discharged from the service in about a month.Young F 1/c lacerations on the head.
They and most of the other men aboard swarmed to the fire stations.
Within twenty minutes after the blast they all but clogged the main highways leading to Leonardo.

Below is information noting the correct number of men lost aboard DE 221.
Civilians and Navy personnel on the concrete pier cowered under a rain of nuts, bolts, steel and iron fragments, slivered glass and great gun shields from the Solar that screamed past them.
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