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I was trying to locate a mosquito spray that could be used around humans and livestock.
Garlic keeps mosquitoes and vampires away BUY this product.It is so good at getting rid of fleas and ticks that my Siberian Huskies have no fleas and ticks and I haven't had to put Frontline on them this entire season.(Although the neighbors did ask if we were opening an Italian restaurant.5 acres in the woods, I couldn't water flowers in flower box or walk in grass, and here in MI, West Nile is a serious threat.I want to thank you folks for making such a good quality product.".S.lots of bugs here and they are BIG!Today, almost no bites!Now we aren't so much afraid to send her out side to play.It did not hurt the fish nor other pets in any way.Mixed the concentrate (immersion blender then strained casino baden baden kleidung frauen back into original bottle (straining instructions given by customer service).I was very unsuccessful.I wish I could shout it from a tall building!Seriously, it actually does not smell, and there are no mosquitos." Thank you.
I used it primarily on turf areas and plan to use it next year on campsites." "This is my 8th year of using Mosquito Barrier.

Second, if I were to buy more than 4 gallons is there any bigger discounts?" Thank you, Dan Nicolini Police Officer Cicero, New York "Early this summer (2002) I bought 4 gallons of your garlic and a commercial type sprayer that I tow with.(Apologize for not recalling the gentleman's name, we spoke on the phone) In our particular instance, I have installed an injector fertilizer applicator to the irrigation system, (residential) mainly for use as mosquito control.After these Midwest floods we had a bad infestation of mosquitos and gnats - so much so that we really could not use our yard - but with one spraying our yard is a friendly place we can relax in again." Thank you!Please feel free to use this testimonial, and if anyone at your company has a question about application by injector method, contact me by the email address attached to this message.My question is "will it stay good that long"?" (Editors Note: This is very unusual to use so little for such a large area and have it that effective, we recommend using 25 ounces of Mosquito Barrier per acre.) Dave Halfhill Retired Orlando, Florida "Thank.My kids couldn't play in the yard without being covered in deet.Thank you for making such a great, diverse product that is safe to use around people and animals!" Steve Naylor Blue Moon Farm Lafayette, Tennessee ".the real excitement of using Mosquito Barrier came from the use of it around the back patio.

We sprayed with Mosquito Barrier as directed, and also the night before our party.
Yes, I'm ordering more." Bob.
This does the trick every time and lasts through about three good rains before I have to spray again.