The visual art portion of Aboriginal art includes rock art, bark paintings, body decorations, wood sculptures and sand sculptures.
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The works of art were amazing, combining traditional and modern themes.Many of our artists are featured in multiple collections and have exhibited both nationally and throughout the world.I purchased several items including pottery, paintings, and jewelry.Services Activities: Independent, atmosphere: Indoors, Architectural Landmark, aboriginal Contemporary.First opening its doors way back in 1981, this isnt just Australias oldest exhibiting.
More Info Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Services Activities: Boutique, Independent Atmosphere: Indoors, Local Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery Spearing the Kangaroo by Tommy McRae Art Gallery of New South Wales.

This has expanded the boundaries of Aboriginal Art, from works traditionally rendered on rock, bark and sand using natural ochre, to works using oils, watercolour and acrylic paints, etchings, gauche, collage and solvent transfer prints.Aboriginal art, while fulfilling its earlier role is now also being used by artists to express and describe the contemporary issues impacting on their lives.Thank you for supporting our Communitys vision.Our proprietors have lived in Northern Australia for over 35 yeas and enjoy strong relationships with Aboriginal art centres throughout the region.Our culture focuses on the memory of the origins of life.For example, the artistic stories found in most artistic works, also known as Jukurrpa, are sometimes filled with symbols of the Dreamtime period, which represents the creation of the world.We respectfully advise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and viewers that this website may contain images of people who have passed away.The Aboriginal Art Gallery gives visitors the opportunity to meet and talk to Aboriginal artists and observe them as they work, listen to their stories unfold in music and dance performances from some of Western Australia's leading Aboriginal artists.Aboriginal Contemporary also maintains an extensive online collection that complements the gallery in Bronte in Sydneys eastern suburbs.

Artist Judy Watson at work Aboriginal Contemporary.
As part of this process, as women artists became well known they also opted for a wider range of colours.
We refer to the forces and powers that created the world of creative ancestors.