The plot threads left hanging by the lotto jackpot gewinnklasse 2 lonelygirl15 were arguably a sequel hook to begin with.
Ratchet Clank : Ratchet Clank (2002) ends with the titular duo watching an advertisement where Qwark is selling devices called the Personal Hygenator.Next, the seed Shifu planted earlier in the film finally growing out of the ground.When the player finishes the last mission, there's a cutscene, you get a nice big fat game-complete Achievement (in Xbox 360 at least and.Dwayne also gets the girl as Travis killed her boyfriend with a flamethrower.Subverted in StarCraft I, where if you wait long enough after the end of the first Terran mission briefing, it will say "END OF briefing".She has three known connections: her daughter, Yang; her brother, Qrow; and her former husband, Taiyang.It seems to be connected to the.hack/Link PSP game.Then he murders Ryan Reynolds before he can accept his role in Green Lantern.One show displayed the closing credits immediately after the opening credits and then did the show, making the entire show the stinger.During the end credits of the OVA Golgo online casino mit google play bezahlen 13: Queen Bee, after Golgo succeeds in his task of killing Queen Bee, he does Queen Bee's final request, to assassinate Thomas Waltham on his boat.Metroid Prime : A dark hand jutting out of a phazon pool, Samus's phazon suit forming into Dark Samus.Wait until after the credits, however, and you see that either your divine hand (or someone with a flaming arrow) had noticed the skeleton and blew.
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In mother 3, sticking around for a while after the credits shows the game's characters coming on-screen and revealing that they're all right.The Grand Finale of Dragon Ball Super has a credits montage of the characters going back to their daily lives after the Tournament of Power (namely, Vegeta comes back to Bulma crying Tears of Joy and hugging him, Android 17 being gifted Bulma's boat from.In it, Big Boss turns out to still be alive, and explains the last hanging threads of the series.At the end of the credits for the last episode, the camera zooms in on one of the walls; part of the wall cracks and falls away, revealing a Titan.Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.Nox wanted Mel to take over the world, so that she can inherit it from her.In Final Fantasy IX, entering a code while "The End" shows on screen allows you to play a game of blackjack.Friend: Mainly superhero movies and dumb comedies.Curse of Chucky : Chucky decides to mail himself to his old enemy Andy Barclay.
The Stinger reveals the wolf lying on the ground, mortally wounded (in a callback to a wolf breathing heavily similarly earlier in the film and Ottway's head only seen from the back resting on the wolf.
Daredevil has a very cartoonish scene with Bullseye after the credits, depicting him in a cartoon-like full-body cast.