In his young ages, he became a celebrity of Jingdezhen painting profession.
Click here to see large picture Three lobed bowl Guan Yao Nei Zao 361 993.Length.75" (12 cm).Six character iron red stamped mark on the base, Jiangxi Yu Yuan Chang Zuo where Jiangxi is the province where most of the Chinese porcelain industry is located, Yu is a name meaning 'gold Yuan is a name, meaning 'first' or 'primary Chang,.Click here to see large picture m royal poker cluj reference collection Tea pot Illegible red 4 character mark 486 Yu Yuanchang 1118.Discovering Causal Signals in Images, david Lopez-Paz, Robert Nishihara, Soumith Chintala, Bernhard Schölkopf, Léon Bottou.Red base seal mark.Click here to see large picture Hair's oil jar (4 character red mark) Teapot?Painted figures in the traditional gongbi style.The name also appears as the last line of the poem.41 It is said that these sets were created by Jinnaluo Wang.Cheng Men was the Pioneer of qianjiang painting on porcelain and was active during the Xianfeng (1851-61) to Guangxu period (1875-1908).Yuille Deep Feature Interpolation for Image Content Changes Paul Upchurch, Jacob Gardner, Geoff Pleiss, Robert Pless, Noah Snavely, Kavita Bala, Kilian Weinberger fason: First and Second Order Information Fusion Network for Texture Recognition Xiyang Dai, Joe Yue-Hei Ng, Larry.
The inscription reads qiu (autumn) shen (deep) cui (blue green/kingfisher) niao (bird) xia (descends) xun (seeking) hua (flowers ( xunhua also means 'seeking sex minguo (Peples Republic) 36 nian (year) yu (at) Zhushan ; Year corresponding to 1947.

Bowl dated "1925" in the inscription.This item is donated to the m reference collection by oh, Singapore, 2003.Annihilation of Gongsun Zan (198199) edit In 198, Yuan Shao advanced against Gongsun Zan and encircled his remaining force at Yijing (present-day Xiongxian County, Hebei).His style of animal sculpture had far-reaching influence on the development of ceramic sculpture in Jingdezhen.At the age of 14, he entered into the First Industry school of Jiangxi Province to specialize in ceramic crafts.Exhibit number 37-40 (Innovations and Creations, 2004).The translation on the calligraphy should be something like this : The fun/joy of stone river(spring/stream who can comprehend?Further reading edit Yang Yanming, Wu Tanhua Yang Bing yu "Xiwuxu" " (Yang Bing, grado militare Tanhua, ed l' "ordine in cui ci si esercita militarmente Zhongguo Wenshi Chubanshe, Pechino, 2004 isbn /G Kou Fengxian ed altri, Wuzi Meihuaquan, Renmin Tiyu Chuabanshe, 1991, isbn Han.Moura Collaborative Summarization of Topic-Related Videos Rameswar Panda, Amit.Dong Zhuo ordered the execution of all members of the Yuan clan in Luoyang, and sent out emissaries with imperial edicts ordering the regional officials to disband.Besides, he also started daily paper of Jingdezhen.
Johnson, Vikas Singh Transformation-Grounded Image Generation Network for Novel 3D View Synthesis Eunbyung Park, Jimei Yang, Ersin Yumer, Duygu Ceylan, Alexander.

Mark: Da Qing Guangxu Nian Zhi (1875-1908 Dated to the gui si year, 1893, which matches with the Guangxu period.
Lidded jar 475 1146.
In his middle year, he specialized in painting bird, herbs and insects especially butterflies which was unique in style.