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Shopping API is/was a really good product, too.
Is retiring its search activities and handing the baton over to Bing.
This is not the first time some webmasters were 'burned' by using a free and open API.I have several apps out westdeutsche lotterie gmbh & co ohg öffnungszeiten there that depend on it, and projects in development that also rely.Or just be a crazy post from my youth!Build the ultimate shopping experience, our revolutionary design platform lets you create stores that engage shoppers and make more sales.A, webmasterWorld thread both sympathizes with those in this trap and also somewhat mocks them.S announcement that it is shutting down its Yahoo!By actively participating in their Hack Days around the world, building hacks on top of the platform and even famously slapping a stupid sticker on my forehead to promote the cause (which I hear was a favorite slide in the decks of certain Yahoo!And if some of these roots are dug up and removed its going to leave massive holes in the ecosystem.So where does this leave us?Automatically inserted editorial note: this post was written 8 years ago, it may no longer represent my own views.In its current position is probably doing the right thing to trim back the fat by closing under-serving properties (and the APIs that go along with them).Get unparalleled performance, bigCommerce merchants benefit from industry-leading performance and stability, including an average uptime of more than.99 and sites that load fast for maximum conversion.Boss given that Yahoo!However the bottom line is this: Yahoo!

It will be interesting to see the fall out from these and the way that startups pivot around the sudden departure of a key provider in their value chain.The main question is why isn't Bing going to power this search feature?Drive more traffic, convert more visitors and seamlessly sell on multiple channels from a single location.OpenSocial across its many properties.Best-in-class marketing and conversion tools enable our merchants to grow at 2x the industry average.Shopping Web Services API should send a cautionary note to anyone relying on the one-time darling of the open API landscape to continue to provide them all the API services they currently enjoy.Not only has the implementation been unclear ( there isnt even an official OpenSocial on Yahoo homepage ) but developer have found it difficult to justify building apps for platforms that could be deadpooled or sold off with little notice.Practically speaking the impact of this particular API is not massive as it was hardly a core API proposition.I suppose this means I'm collaterally going to shut down my own services as well.
Shopping API is one example that has already occurred.
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Pricegrabber is not a replacement.