bing map javascript api example

Will have the team look into that.
Ear ) /script script type'text/javascript' async defer /script /head body div id"myMap" /body /html Here is a similar code sample that does this without the drawing manager and a custom button to start drawing a polygon.!doctype html html head title /title meta charset"utf-8" / script.See all examples, download PDF documentation for current and previous versions of here APIs.Position 'absolute rsor 'pointer div.Pushpin(center, htmlContent: ' span Habr!Check out our FAQs, see all.note: Please register for your own Bing Maps API key.Please view /examples for example usage of each directive.However, what you are trying todo would have some potential issues.Our "master" branch contains the latest stable release.If (currentShape) nish(shapeDrawn currentShape null; /Create a new polygon.DrawingTools function /Create an instance of the DrawingTools class and bind roulette game yazino it to the map.BaseLayer new yer sert(baseLayer /Load the DrawingTools module.What you can do is when finished drawing a polygon, is move it to a separate layer, then you can clear that layer without effecting the drawing manager.

Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets, get additional here Map Content, including height and slope values, curvature, speed limits and traffic lights.See "Contributing" section below for instructions on how to make changes and submit PRs.Documentation, proper documentation is in our road map, but currently not implemented.If you are only interested in drawing polygons, you don't even need the drawing manager as you can handle this yourself using the drawing tools and a button.The here Maps API for JavaScript can be used to visualize maps, accurate directions, geocoding and traffic.Does look odd that the drawing started event is firing when you click the mode.Geree API KEY, the here JavaScript API offers easy-to-use libraries of classes and methods with great processing speed and faster loading times for both desktop and mobile.The Bing Maps Locations API can be used to get location information associated with map coordinates.
DrawingTools function /Create a base layer to add drawn shapes.
Var tools new.