For example, at level 3 the tile coordinates range from (0, 0) to (7, 7) as follows: Given a pair of pixel XY coordinates, you can easily determine the tile XY coordinates of the tile containing that pixel: tileX floor(pixelX / 256) tileY floor(pixelY.
The URL of this site will be included automatically.The longitude is assumed to range from -180 to 180 degrees, and the latitude must be clipped to range from -85.05112878.05112878.param / param name"latitude" Output parameter receiving the latitude in degrees.param / param name"screenDpi" Resolution of the screen, in dots per inch.At m you won't be charged any booking fees, cancellation fees, or administration fees the reservation service is free of charge.Joe Schwartz is a software architect for Bing Maps.PI; longitude 360 * x; / summary / Converts pixel XY coordinates into tile XY coordinates of the tile containing / the specified pixel.returns private static double Clip(double n, double minValue, double maxValue) return x(n, minValue maxValue / summary / Determines the map width and height (in pixels) at a specified level / of detail.
copyright / using System; using System.

PI uint mapSize MapSize(levelOfDetail pixelX (int) Clip(x * mapSize.5, 0, mapSize - 1 pixelY (int) Clip(y * mapSize.5, 0, mapSize - 1 / summary / Converts a pixel from pixel XY coordinates at a specified level of detail / into latitude/longitude WGS-84 coordinates.This information helps us online spiele kostenlos geld gewinnen provide users with a better browsing experience and improve how our website operates and the services available through.It can be calculated from the ground resolution as follows, given the screen resolution in dots per inch, typically 96 dpi: map scale 1 : ground resolution * screen dpi /.0254 meters/inch 1 : (cos(latitude * pi/180) * 2 * pi screen dpi).param / param name"pixelY" Y coordinates of the point, in pixels.param / param name"tileX" Output parameter receiving the tile X coordinate.Each quadkey uniquely identifies a single tile at a particular level of detail, and it can be used as an key in common roulette spielen tipps und ohne anmeldung database B-tree indexes.Copy / / copyright company"Microsoft" / Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.The ground resolution indicates the distance on the ground thats represented by a single pixel in the map.This avoids a singularity at the poles, and it causes the projected map to be square.First, the length of a quadkey (the number of digits) equals the level of detail of the corresponding tile.

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Text; namespace pPoint static class TileSystem private const double EarthRadius 6378137; private const double MinLatitude -85.05112878; private const double MaxLatitude.05112878; private const double MinLongitude -180; private const double MaxLongitude 180; / summary / Clips a number to the specified minimum and maximum values.