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If you must provide directions between points that do not include the deutschland online casino for mac user's current location, use the bingmaps: URI scheme as described in the previous section.
When you use the cp parameter, you can also specify a hdg (heading) and pit (pitch) to control what direction to look.The URI scheme accepts a point specified by a latitude and longitude and automatically determines if there are offline maps available for a region containing that point.Use in conjunction with the *cp* parameter and optionally with the *rad* parameter.Sample URI Results bingmaps?Contributors, in this article, learn how to launch the Windows Maps app from your app.URI schemes let you open apps by clicking hyperlinks (or programmatically, in your app).Displays a 3D view of the Space Needle with a radius of 200m, a pitch of 75 degrees, and a heading of 165 degrees.Longitude Destination longitude Example: destination.For example, the following URI opens the Windows Maps app and displays a map centered over New York City.You do not have to encode the me value.For example, you can define only the start of a route with rtp"A".Note* A title can be used for a location if the location is specified by the *pos* parameter value.Displays a map centered over Milwaukee, WI with traffic.Rtp Route rtp "rtp" (waypoint " waypoint) / waypoint) waypoint pos." point ) / adr." whereval) point "point." pointval title pointval degreeslat " degreeslon degreeslat "-" 13digit "." 17digit degreeslon "-" 12digit "." 17digit title whereval whereval 1( alpha / digit / "-" / ".".To indicate the offline maps settings page.Universal Windows Platform (UWP) map sample lotto rubbellose verschenken from the, windows-universal-samples repo on GitHub.

Important* If the item you specify contains an underscore, make sure the underscore is double encoded as 255F.SFO Defines the start and end of a route to draw on the map, separated by a tilde ( ).Searches for pizza in the specified bounding box (that is, in New York City).Valid values for this parameter include: *d Displays route overview for driving directions *t Displays route overview for transit directions *w Displays route overview for walking directions Use in conjunction with the *rtp* parameter for transportation directions.To see the address on a map, click the arrow next to Bing poker ustalar 2 kral oyun Maps.Dynamic labels: In August 2010, Bing Maps added dynamic labels to іt Silverlight experience (m/maps/explore).Feedback We'd love to hear your thoughts.For more info about this parameter and others, see the bingmaps: parameter reference.
Displays a 3D view of the Space Needle.

Valid latitude values are between -90 and 90 inclusive.