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Microsoft sostuvo que los alegatos que desafían su marca carecían de fundamento porque estas empresas se declararon en Estados Unidos solicitudes federales de marcas sólo después de que Microsoft se declaró en la marca Bing en marzo de 2009.
Singing style and vocal characteristics edit Crosby in a 1930s publicity photo Crosby was one of the first singers to exploit the intimacy of the microphone rather than use the deep, loud vaudeville style associated with Al Jolson.
While in the UK, Crosby recorded his final album, Seasons, and his final TV Christmas special with guest David Bowie on September 11 (which aired a little over a month after Crosby's death)."The Lux Radio Theatre".Riaa certification edit Awards and nominations edit Year Award Category Project Result 1945 Academy Awards Best Actor in a Leading Role Going My Way Won 1946 Academy Awards Best Actor in a Leading Role The Bells.1 (3 weeks) "Believe Me" (1931 with James Cavanaugh and Frank Weldon 87 " Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day) " (1931 with Roy Turk and Fred Ahlert, US,.Billboard magazine used different methodologies during his career.Bing Crosby: The Unsung King of Song, The New York Times, Gary Giddins, January 28, 2001.Para otros usos de este término, véase.There have been disputes between Crosby's two families beginning in the late 1990s.A b "Del Mar Horse Racing History".
Her Heart Can See: The Life and Hymns of Fanny.

A couple of weeks gutschein karte lotto later he had a show that wasn't very funny, and he insisted that we put in the salvaged laughs.This allowed him to develop an intimate singing style that influenced many male singers who followed him, including.This ad lib way of working is commonplace in the recording studios today, but it was all new.Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day), with his trademark whistling, became his theme song and signature tune."Bing was born on May 3, 1903.Records which he made ten years ago are selling better than ever before.Crosby's insistence eventually factored into the further development of magnetic tape sound recording and the radio industry's widespread adoption.
His organization, the Crosby Research Foundation, held tape recording patents and developed equipment and recording techniques such as the laugh track that are still in use today.