Dinah wander to China, the state of Carolina, listen, and you know her.
To the eyes of Dinah Lee.Show her.If there is and you know her.I would like to have you show her.Should you wander to China, i would hop an ocean liner, just to be with Dinah Lee.Dinah, got those Dixie eyes blain how I love to sit and gain'.Just to be with Dinah Lee).Cause my Dinah might, change her mind about.Is there anyone finer, in the state of Carolina?Every night why do I, shake with fright?Dinah, got those Dixie eyes blazin how I love to sit and gazin'.Should you wander to China, i would get me an ocean liner.

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Just to be with Dinah Lee.Read about Christopho Columbo.Bing, crosby, Dinah, shore and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.Dinah (OST Big Fish).Is there anyone finer.In the state of Carolina?Bing crosby - dinah.Dinah, oST Big Fish.#bitcoin-otc, Reputationsbasierte "Over The Counter" Wechselbörse.
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