Associated with B G since 1962 Gudrun Meedom (gmee) Gudrun Meedom Bæch (1915) At B G 1946-53 and from 1961 Lisbet Munch-Petersen L M-P fly slot car parts Lisbet Munch-Petersen ( ) Ceramicist.
Ubetydelige fejl kan være fejlfarve, stærkere eller svagere end tænkt; gennemsigtige prikker i glasuren; udflydninger af farven på skarpe kanter etc.
At B G Sven Bovin Mogens Bøggild Mogens Kruse Bøggild (1901-1987) Sculptor.
There is clearly more porcelain figurines in underglaze than in overglaze.Japan is a relatively new market and the knowledge of Royal Copenhagen figures were first major after Royal Copenhagen and Bing Grondahl had been merged into Royal Copenhagen.At B G from 1946 Sten Lykke Madsen (Sten) Sten Lykke Madsen (1937) Ceramicist.References * Bing Grondahl Christmas Plates: The first 100 years By Pat Owen 1995 * ngedal: Porslinsmärken, Forum 1982 (Swedish) * A note from the Webmaster This is a dynamic site - constantly under development - please mail your questions, corrections and suggestion - they.The overglaze colors and gold can be worn due to age and use and an item can have been restored after breakage or chips.

38 skabtes dekorationer som Mexico og Columbia, efterfulgt af Peru på form.Bing Grondahl Möwe 2 Brot Butter Salz Pfeffer Set 3003 Great.E-mail aluminia - Royal Copenhagen Faience, b G Backstamps or factory marks 1853 to 2009.Was 109.95 Save 14, only 1 left in stock, mary - No Box NB12 7 1/8 in, 1721.95.It was sold as 2nd factory products in the outlet store of the factory.Msrp 150.00 Save 40, only 1 left in stock, titmouse - No Box NB13 2 1/4 in, 1635-W-5 1/2".39.Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 228,00, bing Grondahl B G Copenhagen - Vase mit Segelboot - Antik.Red sticker: Kronjyden Danmark.Extensive selection of old (discontinued) and Brand new figurines.
Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 890,00, bing Grondahl Unikat Vase um 1900, Landschaftsmotiv mit Kopfweiden.

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Both brands have produced large series of figurines and statuettes and we have put them into categories such as: Royal Copenhagen and Bing Grondahl Animals.