10.5 oz - hands, arrow slots yellow 226 Mighty Stat's Statue His energy will spark till the last tibian day.
Hands, arrow slots red 3 sqm 197 or Dragonitas Doll This doll looks like ancient warrior, named Dragonitas.45 oz writeable hands, arrow slots red color 137 Turban of statistics Wearing this turban makes you the master of the Tibian statistics.15 oz writable ex: It has been rewarded to -name- by Tibia-Stats.7 oz when you use It it says "Wishes can come true "Feel the power of my magic, tiny motal!Adicionado:.6 ( 11 de julho de 2012 ).7 oz writabel ex: It's the Reward for -name- rewarded by Tibia-Stats hands, arrow slots - 175 Static Necklace - 2 oz writabel ex: This Beautiful Necklace has been Rewarded to -name- by Tibia-Stats hands, arrow slots - 176 Tibia-Stats Calculator It Helps you."A prayer to the almighty one!50 Ankithyra Calculator This ancient device is used by Tibia-Stats to calculate statistics."Flee as long as you can.Green 56 new version: Hunter Doll Its cute look could fool the most experienced hunter.Give 'em to me!You even know now whos casino aboriginal art gallery feet was squeezing the grapes!" you can see: You see a research kit."So much statistics, so little work for it!" hands and arrow slot I don't know.Green in that case 59 Tibia-Stats token rewarded to?name- by Tibia-Stats.29 oz you can see: "Hail Tibia-Stats!" "shhhh."I ssssmell warm blood!" and "Tibia-Statzzs!" hands, arrow slots - 183 Blue Accordion Musical Instrument 30 oz plays blue musical notes when used hands, arrow slots - 184 Tibia-Stats Doll It's the doll of knowledge that Tibia-Stats gave you.
"I know many things you don't, ha ha!
The notes contains lots of amazing statistics!

Hands, arrow slots - 159 The Omniscience Eye A strange symbol created to represent the omniscience of an ancient god.33 oz These words appear: "I wonder how much damage this does?" The house explodes.8.5 oz It has been rewarded to -name- by Tibia-Stats because of your reserch about the evil.38 Statistics Trophy It has been rewarded to -name- by Tibia-Stats.Hands, arrow slots pink 224 Scroll of Experience This magic scroll contains recipe of power gaming.What result do you await now?" - with oil: "Cool!It weighs.75.Punish Doll An Angry Voodoo Doll holding the essence.100 oz "I SEE everything!10 oz Can be hung on walls.